Our Business Functions

Our Business Functions




Spinning department is the starting point for the vertical set-up of Yunus Textile Mills Limited and run by a world class professional team.

Yunus Textile’s current installed capacity is 200,000 spindles producing 200,000 pounds per day and its group company Gadoon Textile Mills Limited has 345,000 spindles producing 518,000 pounds per day.

We are spinning coarse and fine yarns with 100% cotton, 100% polyester and blends of cotton and polyester yarns that also include blends with linen, hemp, lyocell, etc. The spinning provides great quality, cost efficiency and traceability to operations of Yunus Textile Mills Limited.


Weaving brings great versatility and reliability to the operations of Yunus Textile Mills Limited. With its energy-efficient, high-speed 685 air-jet looms that include dobbies, rapier and top-notch jacquard looms, Yunus is creating a magic of textures and weaves, thus staying ahead of its competitors. 

Also added to its operations are 200 water-jet looms that are weaving a wide range of microfibre fabrics and adding a new dimension to Yunus’ products.


Yunus Textile Mills Limited has a fabric processing capacity of 14 million metres per month which includes white, printed and dyed fabrics. 

We have wider-width thermosols, pad steam, dyeing infrared stentor, wider-width reggiani rotary, flatbed machines and digital printing machines.

“Casual elegance” is now a big trend in the home textile market. To keep our customers in touch with this trend, Yunus Textile Mills operates an in-house garment-washing facility with a capacity of 15,000 kg per day. We offer a range of washing possibilities.


Yunus Textile has a stitching capacity of 14 million metres and expanding. The stitching capabilities includes various possibilities for Sheet Sets, Duvet Sets, Quilt Sets, Comforter Sets, Window Curtains, Shower Curtains, Decorative Pillows, etc. There is a huge emphasis on automation with investments into Texpa, MRT Hanging Systems, Hauser Cutting and Magetron Length Hammers. Computerized embroidery machines and functional hem machines add variety to our product portfolio.

In view of the changing global scenario, Yunus has doubled its comforter-quilting and multi-needle capacities to produce 500,000 comforters and 150,000 quilts per month. Utility bedding is a fast-growing reality at Yunus Textile and therefore, production capacity for mattress pads, pillows, comforters, etc. is growing continuously.