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Impactful vision and shared values with partners, stakeholders and brands worldwide. Yunus sustainability framework is based on a triple bottom line strategy to serve “people, planet and profit”. Our sustainability commitment towards 2050 carbon neutral goal will inspire our entire value chain with more sustainable efforts, development of policies, processes and practices through holistic approach.

De-carbonization Goal

De-carbonization Goal

To mitigate climate change, our aim is to decarbonize the entire value chain. We have pledged to improve our energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in all of our operating units. Innovation and new technologies will help us to achieve our ultimate goal.

Water Stewardship

Water Stewardship

Yunus is on an inspiring journey of water stewardship. In 2004, the company installed Pakistan’s largest effluent treatment plant to recycle water and reuse it in its manufacturing plant. Following all testing standards and effluent protocols, company is maintaining the recycle efficiency up to 90% and have an extensive vision towards Zero Liquid Discharge.

Trash to Treasure

Trash to Treasure

The 3Rs approach revolution is now encouraging companies towards circular economy and this will help company to understand its product life cycle. Yunus is committed to adopting the best waste management practices at all of its facilities and more emphases to reduce the Hazardous Waste from its stream and recycle, reuse its Non-Hazardous waste. Introduced digital system that helps company to reduce 40% paper waste from entire stream lines.

Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing

Managing a sustainable supply chain is utmost important to our stakeholders, customers and investors. Our goal is to maintain a positive impact from raw material sourcing to the end product in each of the value chain sections. Our company has promoted the production of numerous types of fibre, including Tencel, Bamboo, Hemp, Flax, Silk, etc. We have also procured sustainable accessories from certified and approved sources.

Protecting Biodiversity & Climate Resilience

Protecting Biodiversity & Climate Resilience

Yunus acknowledges the need to meet the biodiversity challenge by developing sustainable goals that help reduce the negative impact on the environment. The company has collaborated with different NGOs and organizations for various environment-friendly activities across the city.

Sustainability Certifications

Yunus is committed to achieving Science Based Targets to evaluate its carbon footprint.

All Yunus facilities have the Higg Index Assessment (FEM & FSLM) certification.

As a registered member of CDP, the company thoroughly evaluates its carbon journey.

Yunus has earned its GO-Green Office certification through excellent environmental practices.

All Yunus facilities are ISO 9001 certified.

We have the Cradle to Cradle – Silver certification. Our certified fabric is called Green Fabric.

Yunus has the Fairtrade Cotton certification with the entire claim material visibility in its value chain.

Yunus has an EU Eco Label certified product visibility.

Yunus MIG Visibility helps us to track sustainable products globally. We have generated 100 plus labels till now.

All facilities at Yunus follow the Step by Oekotex environmental assessment system that focuses on environmental performance, H&S, Social, QMS, EMS and Chemical Management.

All facilities at Yunus have the Step by Oekotex certification, a thorough environmental assessment system.

All facilities at Yunus operate in compliance with GRS; the product scope consists of Recycled Polyester and Recycle Cotton.

All facilities at Yunus operate in compliance with RCS; the product scope consists of Mixture of Recycled Polyester with other claim material.

All facilities at Yunus comply with OCS; the product scope consists of 100% OCS along with mixture of blends.

All facilities at Yunus are working in compliance with Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). The product scope consists of 100% GOTS.

All facilities at Yunus are ISO 14001 certified, thus allowing the company to understand the environmental system visibility.